of vehicle buyers experienced a life-changing event before purchasing a vehicle

Dynamic Display Advertising
Dynamic OTT/CTV Advertising
Amazon DSP Integration
Using Amazon Life Stages
1st party audiences
Amazon shopper insights
Align with life-stage
How it works
The only ad engine to dynamically generate and serve ad content using life-stage signals
Cognition selecting the proper Amazon Life Stage
What we found

Our clients humanized their marketing efforts and received significant results


increase in engagement

utilizing cognitiondigital.io ad-engine


reduction in wasted budget

utilizing cognitiondigital.io ad-engine

Show up alongside IMDb TV Original hit shows and movies, during live sports, like Thursday Night Football, across the top TV networks and broadcasters, and on the News app on Fire TV.

Use exclusive Amazon audiences to reach new and existing customers on and off Amazon. Improve relevance and results with a single view across devices and formats.

120m unique monthly viewers
75% viewability rate (display)
1 in 3 US users viewing OTT on a Fire TV device
320% increase in page views when display and OTT combined
Cognition partners in the automotive vendor space

We connect with the tools you use.

cognitiondigital.io easily integrates with all major inventory solutions to help you get the most from your inventory.


In case you missed anything.

Is there a contract?
Our solution is month to month. The platform usually requires 60-90 days to fully optimize.
How does cognitiondigital.io report on results?
We are currently building a dashboard that will display all campaign results and metrics in real time. Until the dashboard is live, our team will host monthly calls to review campaign performance.
Can I use my existing creative?
Yes, IF the message is relevant to the audience! Many of our dealer partners build custom or in-house creative around our audiences. Consumers want to connect with YOU and your store, the more local the creative the better.